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Airton Risk Management B2B Services

Our products are specifically tailored to help clients drive their top line revenues and protect their bottom line profits.

We will consider all client requests relating to Sports and other risk management opportunities. Some examples of the products we support:

Sports Coverage

This allows clients to remove the adverse financial impact of paying performance related bonuses to their players. It is natural for clubs, associations, and sponsors to want to incentivise their players or teams with significant financial rewards when they achieve their goals. We enable them to:

  • Employ financial prudence and mitigate the financial impact of paying out the bonuses.
  • Make sure budget is known and that there are no surprises.
  • Whether the team wins or not, the cost for the year is known.
  • If the team wins our clients gets the added advantage of paying out only a fraction of the bonus in addition to all the other trappings of success.

Conditional Rebates

This allows clients to offer headline grabbing prizes and rebates to their customers for a fraction of the cost. A Conditional Rebate is a service that we offer clients who want to base their retail promotion around a sporting event.

For example, "Buy a flat screen TV and if England win the Rugby World Cup get your money back!".

We at Airton Risk assess the likelihood of England winning the World Cup and can give a price to the retailer for hedging the cost of the total payout. The cost of hedging with Airton Risk is normally a fraction of the total payout and can also be known up front. The client will also benefit from the PR benefits of the significant prize giveaway and being seen to be supporting the team. All of this activity drives sales at a known cost so the client can drive the top line revenue whilst protecting the bottom line profits.