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Airton Risk Management B2B Services

We help Sporting Organisations, Retailers and Sports Sponsors manage their risk.

Sports Clubs & Associations

Player bonuses are a critical ingredient of contemporary successful sporting organisations. A significant number of Football Clubs now utilise financial bonuses to incentivise their players or staff to greater levels of success. If for example you are a Football League club with aspirations to finish in the Top Four, win the Cup or do the Double then we are here to help eliminate the associated financial worries.

In all of those instances we can structure a financial package that makes sense for you. If you achieve your goals we pay you. You get the obvious benefits of achieving your targets but also the benefit of not having to pay out the full cost. In some instances you may consider to increase your bonuses given that you can now hedge the full impact of them with us. Our clients can now cap their financial exposure and budget with certainty.

The Clubs and Associations that may be interested are:

  • Other European Football Clubs
  • National Rugby Football Unions and Clubs
  • National or County Cricket Clubs


If you are a retailer who wants to drive top line sales whilst protecting bottom line profits then we are here to help. We offer a service called Conditional Rebates that allows you to achieve these twin objectives. We work with retailers to craft promotions that grab headlines, attract customers and drive sales. Critically these promotions can also help you to differentiate your organisation from the competition.

For example we worked with Frank Keane BMW to create a promotion for the Rugby World Cup. Frank offered each customer who bought a BMW in July/August €10,000 cash back if Ireland won the World Cup. This promotion got considerable mention in the Press and helped Frank's dealership to stand out from the crowd. The fact that we helped Frank to offset his risk related to a potential Ireland win meant that he could sit back and enjoy the World Cup.

The Retailers that will benefit from our services:

  • Car Dealers
  • Department Stores
  • White Goods Retailers
  • Mobile Operators

Sports Management Companies

We can help Sports Management Companies create better deals for their clients. A common feature of Player Contracts in the 21st century is performance related bonuses. Sports Management Companies can put Sponsors funds to work by setting up meaningful and goal oriented bonus structures. Due to our ability to price sporting events and offer significant capacity we can create bonuses that will give value for money to the client and bigger potential payouts for the players.